South Sudan woman cooking

In this generation, men are going through hell trying to find someone to spend the rest of their lives with. Finding a wife material is not that easy as you think in this world full of slay queens.

According to South Sudanese men, a lady must exhibit some exemplary behaviours for one to qualify as wife material.

Although every man has a different taste, there are similar qualities a man wants in a woman before he decides to marry her.

Here are the top 10 qualities most men consider ‘wife material’ attributes:

1. Good Cook – this may sound weird, but it is not. Men love delicious food prepared by their beloved wives. A woman who can’t cook is not considered a wife material because this is a prerequisite for her to be considered a good wife. By ‘good cook’ it doesn’t mean she should know how to cook asida and rice. No, even men can cook those types of food. If she comes from Shilluk, Dinka or Nuer and she doesn’t know how to cook A/walwal or A/kop, she doesn’t know how to cook.

2. Use Money Wisely – a woman who priorities money on the most important needs is the one we want, not the one who buys expensive weaves (Brazilian hair), jewelry, clothes and other luxuries, especially when her husband is not earning much.

3. Not a Party Animal – a lady who parties every weekend, drinks too much alcohol, smoke shisha , sleeps in club couches and uses drugs is not the one South Sudanese men want to marry. Some of you go out on the weekend, get drunk and sleep with random guys not knowing that those guys will go and look for a decent girl to get married to and then you end up like an expired commodity in a supermarket that has no use anymore.

4. Respectful – Respect is the key to a happy marriage, some of you are adopting that western world behavior of slapping men when you are angry at them. My sister, don’t try that White thing on South Sudanese man, he will hospitalize you. Don’t argue with him, stay calm if he is mad and approach him when he cools down. In addition to that, men love to be consulted by their wives before they take any decision. A good wife should respect her husband and consult him when she wants to take any decision.

5. Tolerate a Broke Man – wife materials tolerate broke boyfriends. Any lady who loves a man because he has money is not considered a wife material, but a gold digger. She doesn’t have to care if she is not bought an expensive gift or taken to a five-star restaurant. In fact, she can sometimes surprise her boyfriend by giving him money and buy him Jordan shoes.

6. Faithful – This doesn’t mean she must have faith in God here, no, it means even if her man is in America or Australia for 3 years, she should not cheat on him with another man. In fact, even if her boyfriend cheats on her she should forgive him instead of cheating back.

7. Submissive – a wife material woman should follow rules and regulations set by her man without any haa! Or huh! She should acknowledge and apologize for her mistake. Some women take forever to do that, but any lady who poses to be a wife to someone’s son should learn how to apologize for their wrongdoings.

8. Good Housewife – she should prove her house skills when she visits her boyfriend by washing his clothes and ironing them. She should also clean the house and do all kinds of donkey-like works.

9. Understanding – failing to understand her boyfriend when he down financially disqualifies her as wife material. If he is broke today, that doesn’t mean he will be broke forever, stay with him and give him the support he needs to achieve his dreams.

10. Love her in-laws – which needs to marry a woman who doesn’t love his family members? Such men are rare in South Sudan. Loving your husband’s family members is the key for you to stay with him in the future. Love his family members and friends.

If you have the above attributes if you are a young lady who is not yet married. If you are married and you don’t possess them, try harder to do so.

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Do you agree with these qualities? If no, what are the qualities you are looking for as a South Sudanese guy from your girlfriend for her to qualify as a wife material?