10 ways to make your husband happy

Marriage is about happiness, but as a woman do you do the right things that make your husband happy? Your words and how you treat your husband have great impact in his life.

In this article, you will know workable tips that will make your sweetheart happy. If you put these tips into practice you husband will not even attempt to cheat on you for another woman.

Here are 10 ways to keep him smiling everyday.

1. Obey Him

Obedience is one of the keys attributes that will keep your marriage healthy and last longer. Give your husband all the respect he deserve as a head of the family no matter what the situation is. He might be younger than you by age or you might be more academically qualified than him but that does not mean you should not respect him. Do not shout or yell at him in front of your kids or his friends. Listen to him while he is speaking and reply calmly when he finishes what he is saying. Always reach out to him for advice when necessary.

2. Give Him Sex

Sex is very important to men. If he wants it give it to him unless you a concrete reason that will convince him why you are not letting him drill your nunu. S*ck his d*ck if possible, modern men like that because it drives them crazy. Denying him sex when he wants it would lead into cheating.

3. Love His Parents

Avoid having bad terms with your in-laws. Knowing that you are fighting with his family members will make him sad. No matter where they are never disrespect any of them. When they visit you and your husband welcome them with a smiling face and make them feel at home. Having good relationship with them will keep you in a healthy marriage. If you really love him and care for his happiness, love everybody he relates to including his friends.

4. Leave His Phone Alone

Put that tendency of investigating your boyfriend’s phone aside, he is your husband and respect his privacy. Snooping into your partner’s phone means that there is no trust between you. Why would you marry someone you don not trust in the first place? Happy marriage is the one in which couple trust each others.

5. Do Not Waste His Properties

Wasting your husband’s properties for no apparent reason will piss him off. Manage whatever little you have wisely be it money or any other property. Do not live a luxurious life when you know your husband’s earnings are not much. If you manage the little you have wisely God will increase it.

6. Support Him

Most men succeed because of their wives. Give him the support he needs to accomplish his goals. When he is financially down, provide what he requests from you and never belittle him because he is broke.

7. Forgive Him

Everyone makes mistakes in their life, but that does not mean they have to pay a price for them. Forgive your husband when he does something that breaks your heart even if he has not ask for forgiveness. When you forgive him, he will never repeat the same mistake again. Forgiving him will not only make him happy but it will relieve you from stress. Avoid holding grudges against your husband for the sake of your marriage.

8. Be Loyal and Faithful

Make your husband feel confidence that he is your one and only man of your life no matter what. Do not ever get tempted to cheat on him, when you do and he finds it out he will be heartbroken and your marriage will be in a verge of collapse. Show him love more than he does; men like that and hold on to your marriage. Be faithful and let him know that you can go through thick and thin with him.

9. Stop Nagging

If you always nag your nagging will fall in deaf ears. Stop complaining about petty issues. If you want him to do or change something, stop reminding him every now and then like you are forcing him.

10. Cook His Best Meal

This is just like a reminder, it should not actually be in the list. Like, where on earth can a man get married to a woman that can’t cook? “The way to a mans heart is through his stomach”, the saying is true. If you want your man to be happy cook him delicious meals. Cooking meal as opposed to getting take out will bring back that homey feeling, plus it saves money.

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Making your husband happy is not easy, with these tips, I hope your man will be proud and happy for you. As a wife, it is your duty to see your husband happy.

Do your part, if he does not make you happy in return, you will not feel any guilt in your life because you have done what you are required to do.

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