1. We demand Unity Govt to form on time as earlier planned and ordered by the international community,

2. We demand inclusive Unity Govt that comprised of members of the academia, civil society, religious institutions and etc

3. We demand equal epresentation of minorities such as women and youth at all levels of Unity Govt,

4. We demand an end to Dinka and Nuer domination of other 62 tribes in Govt,

5. We demand access to justice and media freedom from the beginning of this Unity Govt,

6. We demand the Govt officials that received US sanctioned for obstructing peace and justice be left out of Unity Govt so as for peace to gain momentum,

7. We demand security arrangements to be expedite by Unity Govt,

8. We demand improvement of IDPs living conditions,

9. We demands Unity Govt to engage in peace talk with SSOMA groups,

10. We demands immediate end to Unknown gunmen killing business in Juba and cross the country,

11. We demand strict adherence to the principles of the revitalized agreement on the resolution of the conflict in South Sudan,

13. We demand establishment of the Hybrid court to be given priority.

WE, the senior Youth of South Sudan,

APPRECIATED IGAD under the chairmanship of Sudan prime minister, Dr. Addala Hamdok,

ACKNOWLEDGED the significant role played by the Nongovernmental organizations (NGOS) during these years of war in south Sudan,

REMAINED committed to pan Africanism, and African socialism,

INSPIRED by the foundational ideals of liberty and democracy in south Sudan,

PLEDGED to defend Justice, human Rights and fundamental freedoms,

LOYAL to the people of South Sudan and the international community,

Dak Buoth

Co-Convernor, Senior Youth of South Sudan, SEYOSS

Cc: All Senior Youth of south Sudan
Cc: Friends of the Senior Youth of South Sudan
21st, February 2020
Nairobi, Kenya