Teenage killed in Cueibet

A teenage girl who is only 15 year of age has been reportedly beaten to death by her brothers over pregnancy in Lakes State’s Cueibet.

Bagic Matur Malek’s cousin got pregnant, according to the former secretary-general of the defunct Gok state.

“The victim herself was not the one who got impregnated; her sister got pregnant and then ran to the house of her lover,” said Santino Ater to Eye Radio.

As a result, Ms. Matur and several other girls were assembled and flogged, as part of a cultural practice that warrants beating of girls associated with the one pregnant.

“This is a culture when one girl elopes, then they will just beat up other girls as a kind of discipline,” he continued.

Witnesses say Ms. Matur died while being beaten with sticks for reportedly not advising her cousin against the pregnancy.

The incident happened in Cueibet town at the weekend.

Santino Ater Amon says the brothers of the deceased have been arrested.

In January, a girl was also beaten to death in Cueibet County because she got impregnated by a man her family considered poor.