An open letter to the Chairman of South Sudan Artistes Association (SSAA).

SSAA (South Sudan Artiste Association

An open letter to the Chairman of South Sudan Artistes Association (SSAA).

Dear chairman of SSAA,
In my good faith and belief in South Sudan music industry, I Salute you and all South Sudan Musicians, comedians, Models, Djs, promoters, Producers, TV & radio presenters and bouncers in the name of our nation.

Mr. Chairman, as a South Sudanese music fan who is also acting as an online (website) promoter, I am so happy and excited with your leadership since your election as the new chairman of SSAA, I wish I was in the country during your election and formation of the association executive’s body , I would have expressed my sincere feelings and joy in front of the general assembly members (celebrities) of SSAA.

Mr. Chairman allow me to convey my message with due respects to highlights you on some points basing on my observation about the progress, obstacles facing the music and my suggestion on the ways forward of our country music industry.

Mr. Chairman, I came to learn that, our country music industry is growing faster with an amazing number of up coming talented musicians, Djs, Models and comedians with quality production since the independence of South Sudan music from the Sudan music federation. I appreciate it and I am grateful that, with the spirits of unity, peace , love and happiness our country will one day come back to it normality/stability Politically, Economically and Socially. And Our country music’s production (songs) will be likely the best to the citizen of our nation in the near future.

Mr. Chairman with due respect, Let me poke you on some of the issues which are not going on well in the music industry and I am sure that they are related to your duties. It has came to my mind that our music is not developing in term of it consumption since the civil war outbreak in the country in 2013.

Before the civil war, our music was so amazing, musicians, promoters, Radio presenters, Djs and producers were all United, the rate of our music likeness by the music lovers was high and every musician was the best in the eyes of every citizen (fan).

But unfortunately after the scenarios of war, everything concerning the music industry of our country became bitter to the extend that our musicians loose their importancy toward the people of South Sudan due to their engagement in the political chaos of our country, the decline is not only due to the results of war.

Our very own musicians themselves left their positions as the Entertainment personalities and voices of the people which let them to transitioned themselves at the corridors of the country Political and tribal influence which I termed to be “tribulation of partisan loyalism” and if the body of the artistes administration fail to address and restate back the feelings of our musicians toward South Sudan as the nation , then, it needs the [South Sudan Artistes Association] administration to call for ” a dialogue” among, the musicians, Djs, comedians, models, promoters, producers and TV & Radio presenters . Dialogue is needed to unite the Country’s celebs.

Because, Unity among the celebs is vital in peace building among the people of South sudan who have fallen apart wrongly due to tribal and Political influence. The dialogue should be convene to reunite celebs together and work consistently to bring about the progress and internationalization of the country’s music.

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Our music is not perfect at the international level not because, our musicians and producers do not know how to writes, composes and produces songs, it is because we are not organized to work well together. We can not be liked when we are not in peace amongst ourselves (fans and Musicians), our music can be like when ;
• promoters organize events together
• Musicians compose and write songs together
•producers teach themselves on how to make international beats together
• And Models support themselves and attends international culture showcase together

We can also raise our celebs-qualities when;
Promoters combines their resources and organizes the massive annual events similar to the US BET awards, our celebs-qualities can be perfect when promoters work together to promotes celebrities basing on their talents not blood , Relationship and financial links.

Also, promoters should combine their efforts to import and export musicians , Musicians can be import from other countries to make shows in the country (our country) ,and musicians can be export from South Sudan to other countries inform of collaboration connections, so that other national Musicians can let our own musicians be known in their countries and enable our Musicians to make international shows . That is how it should be organized systematically to reflect literal way of management.

Mr. Chairman, I call up on you and your executive office together with celebrities to come an understanding and make a dialogue, making a dialogue does not means that, you only brings rivalries together but “it’s the bringing of all the people of the same activities together” , and make them feels like they are organised in their making.

I want you together with your office Mr Chairman to call for a dialogue meeting(s) , in order to unite promoters, presenters, m-managers, V-managers , DJs and music production managers. Talk to them , to be national figures, educate them to refrains themselves from what divides people, and let them work together and make our music a way internationally.

Our music has a great Future if our Musicians unite and stands far from tribes , politics, and short influences.

In my conclusion, I personally calls up on Rockstar promotion company, K2 promotion company, BMSS and many other up coming promotion companies to come together and organize annual events like Ross connect, Miss South Sudan (not miss any state that make the winners boring), One biggest Music, comedy, model, DJ, and promoters annual award that will make the winners nominees in international celebrities awards.

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By making your duties applicable on national basis , our music can be well considered in the music world.

Thanks, Your sincerely
Senator Clement Bey
South Sudan music fan.

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