Model Anok Yai posted a picture of herself naked on her Instagram account but the good thing is, she is not completely naked. You can see that she’s wearing dark underwear that matches her skin.

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As a model, I go to photoshoots knowing there will be a vast team of creatives collaborating on set; photographers, editors, stylists, set designers, hair and makeup artists – the list goes on. They all come together to create an image and capture a moment in time to create art that inspires and transcends. My job is to become a character and give life to their vision and I couldn’t imagine doing it alone. But unsurprisingly enough, this quarantine gave me the challenge of doing just that. So as I sat in isolation, I came together with @aurorajames @adrienneraquel and @ericjmcneal to find the answer to the one question. How could I shoot a campaign when the only thing connecting me to the rest of the team is a camera and a laptop? After hours of FaceTime calls, dozens of emails, and hundreds of questions we were able to breathe life into the @brothervellies 2020 Campaign. Not only was this an opportunity to transcend the boundaries of my role as a model but also come together with remarkably talented black creatives to discover light in a moment of darkness. Thank you Eric, Adrienne and Aurora for allowing me to take part in the creative direction and styling, it was an honor to work alongside you. Shot by @adrienneraquel Styled by @ericjmcneal Designed by @aurorajames

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