Museveni: The Problem In Arua Was Caused By Bobi Wine

President Museveni of Uganda accused Bobi wine of causing chaos
President Museveni

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda is blaming Bobi Wine’s group for causing chaos which took place at Arua Municipality during by-election that was taking place taking place on 13th August 2018.

He accused Bobi Wine’s group together with Kassiano Wadri of attacking him. “The problem in Arua was caused by Bobi Wine’s group together with Kassiano Wadri, who attacked me, a useless action because I am protected and I can defend myself.” Said Museveni in statement posted on his Facebook page.

He further accused them of attacking women and children, and also destroying people’s properties.

“The more serious issue is these chronically indisciplined people attacking women and children, destroying people’s property etc”, he continued.

“Who is Bobi Wine or anybody to beat our people and for what? Watch the videos of Jinja and Bugiri, which are attached to this post. Should that happen in Uganda and why?”, Museveni asked.

Mr. Museveni believed that many people would havebeen killed by Bobi Wine’s group if that day if the army did not intervene.

“If the Army had not intervened in Arua, a lot of people would have been killed by this Bobi Wine group. They had gathered stones, knives and there were reports of even guns”, Museveni claimed.

Below is a video clip attached by Museveni to convince the world that his claims and accusations are true.

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  1. Arua was peaceful there had been even a live parliamentary debate candidates in the attended until the rowdy political vagabonds arrived with their misfortune , woe , riotous baggage

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