How to build your character

Theme: ‘If it is success you are looking for, the way involves working on your morals and values’

We admire one another for lots of reasons, many of which are pretty fixed by our genes, like being tall or intelligent, so you can’t do much about them. Or you might say, you like someone’s spontaneity or their conscientiousness. But again, those are things you can’t really change once you’ve grown up.

So what can you work on that will make you more attractive and successful? You can improve your ‘Character’. People do often use the word ‘Character’ to mean ‘personality’, but they’re not really the same. Personality is mostly about the way you think, while your character also involves your morals and values-and you choose those. And you know what? Develop a really good character, and you will also succeed in life! And then you’ll be admired for being successful.

So, what should you do to build a really great character? Work on your integrity, so that what you say and what you do both reflects the same set of core values. So, your actions and your words match up. Closely related in a clear sense of what’s wrong. So, everyone knows that you’re fair and even handed rather than forever taking advantage of everyone.
Never speak badly of others. Because if you badmouth someone else to a friend, they will wonder if you also speak badly about them. And then they will stop sharing their thoughts with you. Everyone prefers being around optimists. So, choose not to be negative, and actively look for the positive aspects of life. Seeking opportunities rather than dwelling on problems.

People always remember someone who’s helpful, thoughtful and kind. And they admire ambition. So, set yourself challenging goals, because not only will you achieve more in your own life, you will inspire others; and you will be remembered for that too.
We also admire persistence because ambition is never enough. You also have to persevere if you are going to succeed. So, whenever you stumble, just pick yourself up and get going again. Consciously, set out to compassion and understanding. Because we really appreciate people who can empathize with when the going is tough. And who will help see our way through life’s difficulties. And re-energies us.

Believe in yourself and work on your self-confidence. Accepting yourself as you truly are and being secure in your relationship. Because insecurity is extremely unattractive. But if you’re comfortable in your own shape and expected to be treated well, then that’s how others will treat you.

Be open minded and forever willing to learn. Once you’re set in your ways, then you close yourself off to new ideas and possibilities. And never spot exciting opportunities. We also prefer the company of people who are open minded, and who listen to our ideas and views.
We admire people who takes responsibility of their actions- so never blame others for your problems, or act like a victor instead, learn from your difficulties and before long, you will be admired by everyone else.

By: Arov De Poet