Honorable Vice Presidents, Ministers, Governors, Members of the Parliament and other distinguished constitutional post holders under the stewardship of His Excellency the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit ; greetings. Your Excellencies, permit me to oxygenate how far you have journeyed collectively for the betterment of South Sudanese. Some of you were in the bush until the dream came true, ‘The Republic of South Sudan’, as theĀ first option for the united New Sudan didn’t bear fruits. After the Independence, we expected the implementation of the long awaited vision, only to be eyed by an unexplainable tragedy whose consequences didn’t tolerate our lives and properties. Dear leaders, we have heartily memorized your sentiments during the crisis, below are few of them: corruption, injustice, inequality, tribalism, regionalism, inadequate delivery of services and the mismanagement of national resources. As you will be celebrating the appointments of the various entrusted mandates, please don’t forget the aforementioned calls. It has been recurring that we shout when outside and shut our mouths when inside, this culture must be incarcerated as soon as possible otherwise we are adventuring our beloved country. People’s prioritization above your personal interests is percentaged than never before, refuse to be deaf and blind. We are suffering, your silence will excavate the existing emptiness and be another very reason for instability. We had enough already, but it’s unimaginable if the sick, the homeless and the hungry unite in their afflictions. C’est mieux we feel them now and be very committed to ameliorate the situation. Thanks in advance and congratulations.

Christopher Akot