Dr John Garang Is Not The Father Of The Nation

Dr John Garang

Dr John Garang Is Not The Father Of The Nation

In holy Bible there is verse which clearly stated that; “give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar and what belongs to Jesus to Jesus,” therefore, South Sudan is mothered by many liberators for example the military-men who vanguard the liberation struggle to the poor small scale farmers who voluntarily gave their single meal to the fighters and stay with frozen stomach for days.

South Sudan Liberation struggle was not initially started by formation of SPLA/M in 1983, there were very impressive liberators in jungle of equatoria before SPLA captains the struggle. The guerrilla war which started in 1955 led by Fr. Saturininho Ohure, Joseph Oduho and William Nhial Deng Nhial fired the first bullets and led what goes down as premiere aggressions against imperialism which was technically aimed to weaken any revolutionary development in the south. And Equatoria corps under Joseph Lagu were also interested in separation.

OHURE guided the multineers in Torit until the formation of Anyanya aka “snake venom” in Madi language, the Anyanya ideology was for separation of South Sudan from North.
After the merged of ring leadership under one roof of ladder, Joseph Lagu was nominated as leader and the chief of general staff Gordon Bourtat Mayen assisted by Oliver Batali Albino.

Aggrey Jaden Ladu left his lucrative jobs to join the Liberation struggle and later formed Sudan African National Union ‘SANU’ which was envisioned to the independent of south Sudan. The line goes on with formation of Anyanya 2 after the collapse of Addis Ababa agreement in 1972 and literally Samuel Gai Tut Yang, Abdalla Chuol Deng, Arok Thon Arok, Benson Kuany Latjor were front wavers for continuing struggle until the coming of influential leaders of SPLA/M after the defeat of Anyanya 2 with help of controversial acts by those of William Nyuon BANY, Dr John Garang, Kerbinho Kuanyin Bol and the rest of commanders. From there SPLM had an access to manipulate the public because they ideally fought for United Sudan, those who were against that theory were eliminated by Dr John Garang, the key player.

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The SPLM /SPLA was for United Sudan until a persons like Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, Prof Peter Adwok Nyaba, Dr Lam Akol and others who were aiming to reinstall the long call for Self Determination by those of Sir John Both Diew that would literally led to the separation of South Sudan from north and their vocal views about political affairs of the movement rejuvenated the whole process and fortunately Garang came to sense of separation through self determination until the end of 1991 split within SPLA.
Dr John Garang was tipped as key player after signing CPA in 9/1/2005 in Kenya.
General Salva kiir after the death of Dr John Garang was nominated as first vice president of republic of Sudan and president of government of southern Sudan according to SPLA/M hierarchy and lately he (kiir) labours the independent of South Sudan, ‘he is lucky.

South Sudan is mothered by many different military and political parties and there is no reason for SPLM to manipulates and change the history to their interests. There is no reason to start the history from the middle and it’s looking more controversial when I see Garang being noted “Father of the Nation. Many south Sudanese do not recognize Dr John Garang as father of the Nation but as co-founder.

Those manipulated writers at military headquarters in Bilpam should give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar therefore fr Saturininho Ohure, Joseph oduho, Agrey Jaden Ladu, Sir John Both diew, William Nhial Deng,Gordon mourtat Mayen, Benson kuany Latjor, Kerbinho Kuanyin Bol, Samuel Gai Tut Yang, Abdalla Chuol Deng, William Nyuon BANY, Dr Garang de Mabior, Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr Riek Machar Teny_dhurgon and the rest, are all liberators and the founding fathers of South Sudan.

Salva Kiir flunked the Nation and flog the nation to war. After he nursed it with his SPLM, he killed the people he brought out but still he is only one who deserves to be called the Father of the Nation. Salva Kiir has two portions of historical perspective the Father of the Nation who turned to be the killer of his people.

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