Riek Machar Reveals When He Will Return To Juba

Fresh demands from Dr Riek Machar being received by Tut Gatluak in Juba 2018

South Sudan’s main opposition leader Dr Riek Machar Teny is likely to return to Juba in
May this year to form Revitalized Transitional Government of Natotional Unity (TGoNU) which will be the best way to end the five-year civil war that claimed many lives in the world’s youngest nation.

UN envoy David Shearer met last week with Dr Machar in his home in Sudan’s capital
Khartoum to discuss plans for a transitional government that will pave the way to elections,
under the terms of a peace plan signed in September 2018.

“He told me that he is committed to coming back still at the end
of May,” Shearer told a news conference at UN headquarters in New York,
adding that his return will mark a “critical juncture” toward setting up the transitional government.

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The peace agreement mediated by Sudan and the IGAD reinstates Machar
as vice-president and is aimed at ending the brutal five-year war.

“There are some tricky issues still to be resolved,” said Shearer,
who has been UN envoy to South Sudan since January 2017.

“But it’s an agreement that is there that we feel offers the best chance in
a long while for moving South Sudan in the right direction.”

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