Electronic Disarmament is best Alternative Method That will end killings in former Lakes State

Electronic Disarmament

Electronic disarmament is best Alternative methods that will end killings in former lakes state By Emmanuel Malual makuach.

The new generations of guns arms and conflict as more tensions have turned, but in much more complex and dangerous environment. Armed conflicts have become more frequent, longer and more devastating for civil population across south Sudan communal and ethnics revenges interconnected with political and ethnics divisions in the country south Sudan.

They involve many actors such as violent as well organized crimes in the city and outside the city which are cattle raiders organized militias and criminal elements equipped with various types of weapons like recent Twic state trading accusations between two states one who under Maj ,Gen puljang Mathew which his owned militias since independent but now it has turn into army that can raids cattle’s from civilians AS government is not yet comment of the incidents When defending the term electronics disarmament is the act of reducing limiting or abolishing weapons or generally refers to a country military or specific types of weaponry disarmament often taken to mean total elimination weapons in the hands of wrong people that to reduce the insurgency that has engulfed the region.

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Government have to come up with more alternative ways of quelling the banditry and ambushes on the roads in all parts of the country ,it is less than a week in one highway that connecting the capital of the state Rumbek which is headquarters of western lakes state have becoming a road of death after killings of two Ugandan teachers while travelling to Rumbek again national security gun down by the same bandits along the same road, All time disarmament is being done but it has not yield fruits .now we need to have another alternative disarmament than public relations disarmament that our people saying we are going to disarms our civil populations next week .but on the same group also informs their relatives to hid their guns that is why former lakes state peoblem will not coming to an end . We need professional approach disarmed methods that will not communicate the exercise it has happen in many places .and if there is an electronic disarmament is only best methods As armed conflicts grow more deadly , destructive and complex among our communities we need to be serious and strategized a new methods of disarmament that saves lives of innocents youths and women who are all victims of attacks on cattle camps and villages across south Sudan in particular the pastoralists communities ,time to be focus on disarmament this includes new efforts to used of ground forces explosives devices to destroyed the hidden guns and ammunition . In some parts of the country presence of guns and ammunition in the hands of wrong people which is over accumulated of arms that is agents of prolong and conflict and ethnics revenge in the country.