Forced Marriage Jeopardizes Girl Child’s Education In South Sudan

forced marriage in Yirol

Forced marriage jeopardized girl child’s education in case of killing of young girl in Eastern lakes state. Abusing a children’s human rights by forcing them into marriage is a global problem that spreads far across different cultures which South Sudan becoming active members of what we called forced marriage which is becoming the most lucrative business when dollars black markets guys increase the dowries of marriages in Eastern Lakes state.

Ethnicity and religion as civil society should advocate for the right of young girls whom their future was left in darkness after parents turned to business. The global community age is when a girl turn 18 years is the age that she can get marriage the world said to be married when turning 18. The issue is as hidden as it is serious in conflicts zones like South Sudan and other countries that have been engulfed.

Gender inequality permeates harmful traditions and silencing young girls and confining their bodies to a life long struggle of grooming. Consequently, the fundamental right to education for children is very often jeopardized for early marriage. Many young girls who are forced into marriage are deprived of their most basic rights with the access to education among the most common the majority of child brides are expected to drop out of school during the preparatory period of their marriage with minimal hope of ever returning to education.

A large majority of these girls are then made pregnant before they turn 18 and give birth to Children who are married early continuing on the cycle of abuse and poverty in South Sudan.

By Emmanuel Malual

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