Former Detainees Destroyed S. Sudan More Than Riek Machar – Kiir

Former detainees destroy South Sudan More than Riek Machar

Former Detainees or G10 is a cadre of SPLM political party. On Thursday while speaking to members of the party, the SPLM/A leader and the president of the Republic of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit said the former political detainees have caused more damages in the country more than the SPLM/A-IO leader Dr. Riak Machar did.

“I told the Former Detainees when I was meeting them that the destructions that they did is worse than what Riek Machar has done,” he said.

The president blamed former detainees by conspiring with Western Capitals to block the funds coming to South Sudan.

“He wanted to uproot us violently, which he did not make, but for you, you went to Western Capitals to backbite us and stop all the money from coming to us, so it is you who have really destroyed South Sudan,” President Kiir added.

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Salva reveals that the peace implementation is facing difficulties in terms of financial support as the donors do not recognize the agreement.

“The implementation is facing difficulties because there is no funding.  If America has refused to recognize the agreement, the other European countries and Western countries will not pay their money, so everybody has adopted the position of ‘wait and see,’ because they think we will fight as soon as the opposition comes in,” he said.

“Let us focus now on the future of our country.  We will do this through peace implementation, sending out positive and reconciliatory messages that [are] aimed at repairing our social fabric,” he added.

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