Fresh Demands From Dr. Riek Will Handicap The Implementation Of Peace In South Sudan

Fresh demands from Dr Riek Machar being received by Tut Gatluak in Juba 2018

Fresh demands from opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar will handicap the peace agreement and implementation because the demands are not political issues to do with security as well as number of states will be decided or determined by people of those states, unfortunate it is now scapegoat which is used by the opposition leader to ruin or delayed the peace.

A surprise spiritual retreats between President Kiir and opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar which could have stirred up South Sudanese politics as the long – time rivals set trip to Vatican City with people hoping that both leaders in oppositions and government will form long awaited peace agreement on May 12th 2019, however, the shocking news that opposition is not ready to form government in May which was the first hope and supplements of prayers that Pope Francis gave them to come back and implement it.

The scale and speed of the violence that engulfed South Sudan following the controversial December 13th 2013, shocked both South Sudanese and world at large the five of bloodshed left over thousands killed and mission people internally displaced persons in a country viewed as a bastion of economic and political stability in a volatile region.

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The ethnic divisions laid bare since the conflict began have roots that run much deeper than all conflicts in south Sudan. No government has yet made a good faith effort to address long simmering grievances during conflicts by introducing national dialogue that can bring all south Sudanese together to reasons as one people of the country regardless of their tribes or gender nor even religions that has not yield the fruits to the people of South Sudan the reason of that National Dialogue will stop high ranking politicians who have been consistently implicated in organizing political violence’s since the struggle for liberation have never been brought to book and continue to operate with impunity.

The National Dialogue and Reconciliation between the political class in South Sudan to be provided by leaders with a historic and experience in the country to step back from the brink and to reform and establish good institutions that can help build long term stability.

By Emmanuel Malual

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