Gatluak Khat, a South Sudanese-American gay living in Mankato Minnesota has been unexpectedly kicked out of his apartment. He is pleading with well-wishers to donate for him so that he can pay for his apartment.

The 18 years old high school graduate has set up a gofundme account as he only has until 14 September to pack his belonging and vacuate the apartment.

Khat neither has family nor friends around to help him. Irrespective of his status as a guy help him pay for his apartment if you can.

Below is the original text written by him:

Hi everyone, my name is Gatluak, I‘m 18 years old and a recent high school graduate. I recently got kicked out of the place I was living at for a while and it was unexpected so I didn’t have time to save up for anything. I only have until September 14th to stay at where I’m living currently. I don’t have both of my parents around or any close family members to help me out during this time. I’m hoping to reach my goal so I’ll be able to get myself an apartment and be able to take of myself during this time. I’m currently unemployed and looking for a job at the moment and will need help with transportation, bills, etc. Please share and donate if you can anything helps!

The link to gofundme is here