There is a letter circulating on social media which alleged that Mabior Garang has resigned from SPLM/A-IO membership, however, Mabior himself disputed the allegation saying it is a ‘mischief’ created by social media propagandist.

“I was not going to say anything about the mischief circulating in Junubeen social media. However, I will respond for the sake of our young men and women in the SPLA-IO enduring hardships in the bushes of South Sudan. I would not want them to be confused by all the fake news.” Mabior wrote on his Facebook

“What you are hearing – concerning my abandoning the peoples’ Movement – is fake news and wishful thinking from the intellectual mercenaries of the NPTC regime in Juba. They feel threatened by our – #nationalconversation – non-violent struggle.” He continued

Mobior is suspecting South Sudan’s deputy ambassador to U.S. Gordon Buay Malek who urinated on live show last week to have faked his signature.

“Ask yourself; how many times our ‘Peer’ Gordon Buay has faked the signature of our Chairman? He is a known fraudster. This is just a futile attempt to make you forget about the Agreement and about #Peepeegate.”