News had reached us that the self-declared commander-in-chief of the so-called Kiir Must Go Movement has been compromised. Makoi Majak (pictured) is one of Mama Nyandeng’s boys known for his harsh criticisms against Juba regime. Together with his gang of bloggers they have completely tarnished the image of the Kiir-led government to a point where the embassy of South Sudan in Nairobi made several attempts to thwart the man and his group but failed.

Makoi Majak

Now our source told us that the vocal youth has been grappling with financial hardship and have even been asking for assistance openly. It was at this time that a government official was tipped to approach him with an offer that our inn said “was too hard for him to refuse.”  You don’t wake up and find 2 millions.” he ridiculed

“Makoi posts weekly. His long silence is an apparent reason that he is now in bed with government.” said our embassy inn.

He was quick to dismissed Ambassador Chol Mawut’s involvement in the deal saying that “these are some of the things people below him [Chol] take care of.”

We asked about the source of the money but instead he retracted his words “we are reaching out to all South Sudanese.” Dialogue is not about Riek Machar alone, even those on social media are dangerous.”

The deal detailed that the self-declared C-in-C and his group to refrain from writing articles and making comments that are derogatory to the government.

We could not reach Makoi through the phone number +254796558010 given.

Makoi Majak
RICH AT LAST: Makoi Majak posing for a picture with the 2 million Shillings
Makoi Majak
MOUTHWATERING: Bundles of money that bought an online movement.

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