By Both Michael Gai – The recurrent instability among the communities of greater Pibor, Greater Lou, and Greater Bor is mainly exacerbated by the combination of interlinked factors including climate extreme events such as floods and drought, conflict, and poor governance for over decades. This has left a heritage and a legacy of destruction, displacement, poverty, trauma, and social division along multiple lines and violent politics and extreme sexual violence among others.

To curb the protracted crisis, feasible multifaceted strategies must quickly be employed in order to obtain peace, unity and development in the state.

To me, these conflicts can be halt, peace and development can be obtained. And it is attainable If the government is honest and committed enough to bring peace. The solutions are politically, economically, and socially based.

On a political standpoint, priorities should be operationalizing strategic models such as disarmament, creating military barracks between borders that can quickly and easily intercept movement of the fugitive trespassers; this strategy on the other hand creates employment opportunities for the idle youths as they can be engaged and integrated into law enforcement system.

Economically, the government should aim at building infrastructure such as an expanded and well-maintained road network that can allow these young men and women to do businesses, create economic activities such as vocational training so that the youths gain skills that are essential in the job market. This can superbly disengage them from their usual economic livelihood of cattle raiding.

Socially, the government in partnership with development partners should focus on injecting resources on advocacy, meetings, and conferences, nurturing and enhancing an environment of togetherness and peacefulness.

If such investment are considered, fantabulous rewards can be realized.

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