People Call This South Sudanese Beauty ‘Burnt’ & ‘Ugly’ Because Of Her Dark Skin


They say the darker the flesh and the deeper roots. Black is beautiful, black is precious and black is original but unfortunately people see it differently. Some people wish they were born black because of how beautiful black skin is.

This dark skin South Sudanese girl by the name Nyamal Yich has surfaced online for being laughed at and insulted for her skin. However, Nyamal never minded about what folks talk about her dark skin.

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People call her names like  ‘burnt and ugly’  all in the name of being dark. So she took to social media to campaign against such discrimination and stigma.

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“The amount of times I ‘ve been called ‘burnt’ or ‘ugly’ is ridiculous. If you don’t like me or don’t have have anything nice to say just scroll pass. I don’t force my photos on anyone. Stay blessed.”

Nyamal Yich - People call her ugly because of her dark skin

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