Prophet Owuor: I Will Be Murdered In Jerusalem, Ascend To Heaven 3 Days Later

prophet Owuor

The self-proclaimed ‘Mightiest Prophet of the Lord,’ Dr David Owuor said God has spoken to him and shown him how he will leave the earth. Prophet Owuor who is the founder of ‘Repentance and Holiness Ministries’ said he would exit the sinful world in a more similar way like Jesus Christ did after finishing his good works.

In a clip recorded by Repentance and Holiness Media team, Owuor said God had shown him that he would finish his work and go to Jerusalem where he would be killed.

“The tremendous and mighty God of Israel. My father and friend has spoken with me. He began to speak with me with much joy. He was very joyful about the time I will finish witnessing and I will be murdered,” he said

He claimed that his death would last for three days and ascend to heaven just like Jesus and be his Father.

“I will be dead and only for three days. After that he will take me to heaven in line with Revelation 11:7. I will lie dead for three days and then he will take me up. He was very happy. It will be an unbelievable time in the history of the church,” the prophet added.

According to the controversial prophet, his death will be an assassination in Israel’s capital Jerusalem.

“I will be assassinated after witnessing. My body will lie there. I will be denied burial and on the third day he would take me up. I will be assassinated in Jerusalem, Israel by a beast. It was not the first time he was showing me this. Though, this time he gave much details,” Prophet Owuor said.

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