Okuta Ceasar Malish Jeremiah famously known by his stage name Silver X, a South Sudanese most celebrated musician who based in Kampala Uganda wrote on his Facebook page today that his yellow car has gone missing since Sunday at around 3pm.

“To the Entire public I would like to bring it to your attention that My Car Yellow in colour open Roof with a South Sudanese number plate #EE250C Got missing from Sunday dawn from at around 3am After A very close friend by the names of Edwin Khamis Kalisto a Student in St Lawrence University took from me”. Said Silver X.

Silver X's Car
Silver X’s car

His close friend whom he landed the car to is no where to be seen since Sunday. The singer said they guy’s contact is not going through.

“Till Date I have not heard anything from him and all his contacts are off and his way about is not known”. He added.

Silver X even went further and checked most police stations whom he suspects the guy might have been put behind bars at but all in vein.

“I and my team have been patiently waiting that he would contact us or come home but till now he hasn’t shown up not only that but we also check most of the police stations in kampala but all in vein”. He continued.

Silver X said he was reporting to public the disappearance of his ride together with his close friend and he will possibly reward who will find the car or the guy with undisclosed reward. However most of his fans on facebook questioned him why he’s more worried about his car more than the life of his friend.

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“Today I Reported the case of my missing #Ride officially to the legal authority. Therefore anyone who happens to come across the above car or #EdwinKalisto should Kindly Contact My Team on 0773747144 or inbox me.
A Geniune Reward Awaites you”. Said Silver X.