The multi-hits rapper and singer South Sudan musician K-Denk posted the pictures of his newly bought Mercedes Benz to his social media page.

South Sudan Musician K-Denk

K-Deng who has been touring multiple countries such as United States of America as part of his career achievements posted a pictures with caption “Announcing this in 2018 #Amen”

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Furthermore, The 211 Magazine contacted to confirm whether if he indeed bought the Mercedes Benz.

“That’s my personal car bought it one achievement down we go for more”, said K-Denk.


South Sudan Musician K-Denk
K-Denk’s New Mercedes

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In 2017, K-Denk released his third full-length studio album, William Deng, dedicated to his father who died fighting for South Sudan’s independence when he was just six years old. The album is dedicated to all of South Sudan’s fallen heroes who have given their lives for a more free and prosperous South Sudan.

K-Denk has big plans for 2018, including launching his new leadership platform, Wang Naath (Eyes of the People), and continuing to make conscious music to uplift the spirit of his people.

South Sudan Musician K-Denk




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