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forced marriage in Yirol

Forced Marriage Jeopardizes Girl Child’s Education In South Sudan

Forced marriage jeopardized girl child’s education in case of killing of young girl in Eastern lakes state. Abusing a children's human rights by forcing them into marriage is a global problem that spreads far...

An Open Letter To The Minister Of Transport, The Republic Of South Sudan

Dear Hon minister, I am writing to you for the issues that we south Sudanese have been facing while travelling on roads, and I am hopeful that this letter will get to your desk by whatever...
How to build your character


Theme: 'If it is success you are looking for, the way involves working on your morals and values' We admire one another for lots of reasons, many of which are pretty fixed by our genes,...
Dr John Garang

Dr John Garang Is Not The Father Of The Nation

Dr John Garang Is Not The Father Of The Nation In holy Bible there is verse which clearly stated that; "give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar and what belongs to Jesus to Jesus," therefore,...
Riak Machar

Riak Machar – The South Sudan Political Heritage

By: Riak Machar Pathot The genesis of the South Sudanese political problems lies in the fact that our political leaders are always unable to sit down and discuss political issues face to face while the...
13 facts about South Sudan

13 Facts You Must Know Under 13 Years Of SPLM Led Government

As you continue to ignorantly shout SPLM oyee, it's imperative to know these facts of 13 years under SPLM led government. 1. The country still operates on generators with no electricity. 2. South Sudan has no...
Adut M Deng

Meet Adut M Deng

Adut M Deng, is a South Sudanese who has a vision for her country. The 19 year old is a loyalist and patriot who has too much love for her country. Deng is currently running a...

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