James Gatdet Dak - How South Sudan brought Peace to Uganda
James Gatdet Dak - How South Sudan brought Peace to Uganda

The 32 states grand land grabbing scheme is to achieve the following:

1. Redraw boundaries and grab rich ancestral lands from other communities and annex them to the new states of favoured communities. This is to enrich themselves and control the economic power and opportunities that come with it;

2. Exaggerate a numerical majority of states (constituencies) and hence inflate a mechanical majority of political representation and domination by a single community at the national legislature. This is to dominate others, as an absolute majority of a single community bloc in the National Legislative Assembly as well as in the Council of States in Juba;

3. Claim more block grants of budget released annually from the national government in Juba,——and other nationally-funded projects or services—–to these inflated small states with exaggerated non-existent big populations, etc;

4. And the unfortunate obvious result of the above evil plan is the already looming inter-communal conflicts over the contest of boundaries and resources throughout the country;

Please accept these problematic, land-and-resources grabbing, dominating 32 states at your own risk!

Open your eyes and reject them! Let us return to either the inherited 10 states, or 23+1 states which have known colonial boundaries. This is to avoid conflicts over boundaries and resources.

We don’t want more and new conflicts during the transitional period, which is supposed to consolidate peace and harmony among our people before elections in 2022!

~By James Gatdet Dak Lampour