A lady took to her social media telling her fellow ladies that no man owes them a big d*ck. She argues that men have no fault at all because it is Almighty God who creates the size of their banana. But for ladies, it is their fault because they go around and sleep with different men which results in widening their punanis.

Below is the full text of her post

“You owe nobody a big dick🍆! Yes, a lady cannot waste all her youthful years expanding her pussy🍑 by sleeping around with all manner of suspicious men and then start demanding for a big dick🍆 from you. If her pussy🍑 has bypassed the elastic limit, then let her join the borehole society in peace or go get married to a donkey. This nonsense of claiming men have toothpicks simply because most pussies 🍑🍑 have lost grip due to heavy dismantling by huge dicks🍆 must stop. You owe nobody a huge dick🍆, if a lady does no longer feel the dick🍆 inside her then let her go for reconstructive surgery to the size of her pussy🍑 and leave the Boychild in peace🙏. Men can I increase the volume???”

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What do you think about her post guys?